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high frequency clarity facial huddersfield


Dermaplaning is a method of mechanical exfoliation to gently remove the top layer of dulling dead skin cells and remove the 'peach fuzz' hair in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion aiding product absorption up to 60% more effect.


Dermaplane essential                     
(with Enzyme peel)

Dermaplane deluxe                        
(With enzyme peel, hyaluronic acid collagen mask and ice globes)

Dermaplane and Microneedling     


The million dollar facial is a luxurious facial where science meets indulgence. Working your skin from the outside in, this treatment has been designed to deeply exfoliate dead skin cells and remove non terminal hair, polish the skin, flush toxins, increase and stimulate your natural collagen and cell turnover.

What does it do?

The treatment will heavily increase the absorption of any active ingredients by 80% as opposed to 8%. We also include hyaluronic acid mask and serums for maximum results as part of the Million Dollar Facial.


  • Double cleanse

  • Tone

  • Skin analysis

  • Dermabalm applied

  • Dermaplane treatment

  • Million dollar serum

  • Dermaroller treatment

  • Hylaronic Acid Mask

  • Ice globes  

  • Million dollar serum

    Full treatment cost £120



What is Microneedling/Dermaroller?


Microneedling is a medical device to produce thousands of micro-medical needle-columns in the skin. Each column will penetrate into the dermis of the skin and will be approximately 0.5mm in width. The column will close rapidly enabling the skin to recover quickly – often in the same day.

After a Microneedling procedure your body will start to naturally regenerate and repair the skin, working below the surface in the dermis. This takes time as new collagen is formed, new skin cells are generated and blood supply is enhanced. It can take up to 6 weeks before visible signs of regeneration and repair are seen and the process will continue over the following months, providing you with a natural and long lasting enhancement.



The Digital Microneedling pen is a revolutionary device which has the amazing ability to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin without damaging it. It can be used by both men and women and has numerous beneficial effects:

Scar Removal – including acne scar removal
Stretch Mark Removal
Anti Ageing
Anti Wrinkle
Cellulite Treatment / Cellulite Reduction
Hyper Pigmentation Treatment                    


How Does The Treatment Work?

The skin is like a photocopier and copies the damage that is left behind from trauma such as acne marks/scars/stretchmarks. Dermaroller is a way of reprogramming the skin and changing the structure so it will repair the damage.


The treatment uses a digital microneedling pen covered with micro-scopic needles that has a back and forth movement (looks like vibrations) over the area in different directions. The tiny needles pierce the skin causing a pin-prick bleeding and mild inflammation, breaking the connections around the scarring, allowing the new blood cells to repair any damage causing the scar to flatten and reduce as the skin naturally renews.


This mild trauma also stimulates the collagen and elastin in the skin promoting the production of new skin cells which will help to strengthen, plump and tighten the skin. This helps to refine fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the overall complexion of the skin. Therefore the treatment is suitable for all skin types.


As the treatment stimulates the natural cell turnover, we recommend a 4-6 week gap between treatments, for the best results you would need a course of 6 Microneedling sessions.

Treatment cost

Microneedling alone using medik8 or Environ products 

Microneedling and Dermaplaning combined using medik8 or Environ products 

High frequency facial

A high frequency facial is a facial treatment which uses electrical currents to stimulate the production of oxygen in the skin. High frequency facials are often used to help treat acne and wrinkles.

Using a high frequency machine on the surface of the skin, whether on the face or body, creates a buzzing noise as the electrical current passes through.  A subtle glow is also created in the glass electrode you’ll notice illuminating a cool blue/violet light, or a warm red/orange. 

The production of enriched oxygen molecules during the treatment creates and warms your thermal tissue and acts as an anti-bacterial promoting natural cleansing.  This natural anti-bacterial makes high-frequency facials ideal for those struggling with acne-prone skin.  Toxins are pushed away by the “natural” warming as skin becomes enriched with volume, hydration, and nutrients.  The skin’s collagen and elastin will then be improved with the increase in the blood’s circulation, as well as your skin’s cell renewal. 

When getting a high-frequency facial, you’ll be getting between a 60,000 to 200,000-hertz frequency alternating current.  Although it may sound a bit intimidating, and maybe a little scary, this is a pain-free, safe treatment when done correctly by a trained professional.  The treatment may either place electrodes onto the skin, or there may be a gap left between both the skin and the electrode.

Here is a list of 8 benefits high frequency facials are good for:

  1. Enlarged Pores Are Shrunken

  2. Treats and Prevents Acne

  3. Diminishes Hyperpigmentation

  4. Reduces The Appearance of Puffy Eyes

  5. Minimizes The Look of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

  6. Dark Eye Circles Are Gradually Faded

  7. Reduces The Amount of Sebum Production

  8. Diminishes Acne Scarring

Ultra sonic skin scrubber

ultrasonic skin scrubber cleanses the skin using vibration. These scrubber is made of metal and use high-frequency vibes via sound waves to transform skin from cell to cell. 

Cells start ‘talking’ to each other and your pores open wide, so dirt and debris are gently vibrated and scrubbed away. In removing dirt and debris, the ultrasonic skin scrubber are able to gently exfoliate the skin, as well as collect what’s being sloughed off. 

The Benefits

  • Deep cleanses skin

  • Exfoliates skin

  • Shrinks the appearance of pores

  • Improves skin texture and tone

  • Gentler than other forms of exfoliation

Detox facial 

Combining high frequency and ultra sonic skin scrubbing to deeply cleanse and renew the skin.

Add High frequency or ultra sonic skin scrubber to any of our Medik8 or dermaplaning facials.

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