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Pregnancy Photoshoot

Mum to be
Pregnancy treatments

You can enjoy all of the best massaged treatments designed for mums-to-be. These wonderful, nourishing and pampering treats benefit both mother and baby, promoting deep relaxation for those blossoming bumps. 

The right pregnancy massage in the right place can make a huge difference to pregnant women wanting to relax and destress. Our hand-picked pregnancy massages, delivered by qualified therapists, provide soothing comfort in the areas you may need it most.

Full body massage
1 hour      £50
Using lots of pillows for your comfort let us massage away your aches and pains that comes with carrying your precious baby.

Back of the body ritual

45 min     £45

Focus on the areas that need it the most, your back and back of legs.

Back massage
30 min    £35

45 min    £45 (includes scalp)

Full body massage and bespoke facial

1 hour 45 min


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